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Project overview

Honda motors wanted to overhaul their existing middle east digital presence and correspond with the Honda brand identity which is renowned and positioned globally

Our Role


The website had many issues revolving mainly around the user experience and visual design across all the business verticals. The visceral outlook didn’t match the actual identity of Honda motors.

The ask was also to have one unified platform which will include and integrate all dealers queries and inquiries with an updated content management system.


Creating a seamless journey with a huge range of products for all the verticals for Honda motors, which includes Automobiles, Bikes, Power products was a challenge in itself.

Also, integrating all the forms for inquiries with all the dealers within the MENA region within a very short period was a huge task. One of the other challenges was to accumulate and design new assets for more than 60+ product ranges across their business


The new website is designed on Sitecore which provides one of the most advanced content management systems with real-time analytics and content personalization.

The personalization was primarily done based on Geographic location and secondary on the Demographics. New journeys, a master theme, and modules were designed to provide a modular structure and asset management system


The website was completely overhauled with a brand identity that was missing from its digital presence. The website now has refreshed content, videos, interactions, and a seamless user experience.

Live analytics and content personalization helps to show relative content at ease at a different geographical location

Our Approach

Discovery session was done with the client at Honda’s office to define the Information Architecture and user journeys. Benchmark for design were top global brands. The website was launched in 2 phases due to the sheer amount of content and product line

  • Website Prototype Website

  • Website Prototype Website

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Accelerating Brand Valuation Through Digital Innovation.

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Style Guidelines

Here are a few samples of the UI guidelines which were used in the build, plus the modifications that were undertaken to give the finished article its own identity.

Honda Color


Sitecore, Ps, XD, HTML 5, CSS 3, J-query 3.0

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