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We are digital consultancy which place the customer at the heart of our decision-making. The results speak for themselves.

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Strategy and Design

Every application starts with a requirements phase; this is where the first ideas germinate for the resulting UX and strategy, and one of the reasons we've perfected our discovery craft. It is the foundation stone for our thinking. At Greenlight, our goal is to ground our outputs in data, research and creativity – the idea to get to the agreed goals through our collective expertise. We do so by employing the below tactics and building and iterating our proofs of concept early in the program.

Content Design

Content is at the heart of our user experience team's outputs, as it is this which connects users to your brand. It is also content which guides user through critical steps on your application – and which can make the experience feel intuitive, frictionless and connected. Whether it is video, animation, imagery or plain old text, we find the right format for our projects. And we often take it one step further by creating opportunities to personalise, collect data and interact.

Application Development

At Greenlight we use technologies to solve complex business challenges. We are platform-agnostic, so our approach is to source the solution, architect the best set-up and ensure the platform is able to scale, perform and integrate seamlessly. Here are a few of services within our technical development team.

Front-end Development

The heart of every successful application is the front end. Good animations and micro-interactions will inevitably pull users into the application, as the front-end developer's expertise makes the design all the more inviting. At Greenlight, we have a large UI team who can work across the stack, be it React, Angular and HTML, to bring our design team's efforts to life. This very website is proof of their pushing the enveloper.

Managed Services

Programs of work don't conclude neatly when an app goes live. Often this is just the start: with backlogs to fulfill, new functional development en route, or campaign and data-related activities. At Greenlight we support large-scale clients with teams across the breadth of our service offering – be it just design and development, or the entire service line.

Data and Analytics

The strongest asset of digital isn't reach, necessarily. It is the useful data you can collect and extract which makes understanding your customers all the easier, and optimise your sales. At Greenlight, we use data at every point of our projects - be it auditing competitors, reviewing existing sites or reporting success (or areas of improvement) when live. We even create data strategies to help optimise data collection and help build profiles of customers so we can plot when, and on which touchpoint, they're prime for contact.

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The double diamond approach

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Contextual User Research
This stage is to ensure great user experience
Prototyping and Iterative Design
This stage is to ensure great usability

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We are digital consultancy which place the customer at the heart of our decision-making.
The results speak for themselves.

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